About Doc's Machine & Tool

We are a family owned business that takes pride in all our work including, but not limited to, CNC plasma cutting and unique décor as well as custom brackets for electronic devices.

Doc is a master machinist, on both conventional and CNC equipment, and inventor with over 45 years’ experience in Tool & Die. The owner, Brian aka “Doc”, discovered his interest for metal at an early age when his skill was spotted by his high school machine shop teacher. Ingenuity that Doc brings to the table is vast years of experience, knowledge and high skill level, which he can adapt to a customer’s needs. If you have an idea and you can express it to Doc, he will produce a solution that is usable.

How I Got Started – by Brian, aka “Doc”

Back in 2012, the company I worked for over 25 years closed its Canadian operation and moved to Germany. I purchased some equipment from my former employer and settled in at home starting a business out of my garage. As word spread about my services, a client came to my shop to enquire and wanted me to meet her boss. An opportunity presented for me to design specific cell phone brackets. So, I purchased a 4’ x 4’ CNC Plasma cutter. At the time, it was difficult to think about owning one of these, but that didn’t stop me from plowing through online forums and doing my own research on them. I had NO idea what I was doing. I had NO idea how to use CAD, how to run a CNC table, or even where to buy steel from. But it was too late to turn back.

In December 2018, I registered Doc’s Machine & Tool Inc. as a business. Being a kid that came from a family where “business” was not really in our DNA, it was a surreal moment. I was not sure where it was going to go, or if I was going to be able to continue or not, but I had made a commitment.

Jump ahead to 2021 and I am building my own shop! We will also be upgrading our plasma machine once again to a 5’ x 10’ CNC Table. This is a confirmation for us that the way we are treating our customers right, and the quality and care we had for our products, is starting to be recognized and talked about.


We can deliver our products worldwide! Packages are handled with great care so the ordered products will be handed to you safely, just like you expect them to be. If you are local, Northumberland Area, you are welcome to pick up in person as well!

High Quality Products

Doc has built an unparalleled reputation by getting projects done on time, on budget and most importantly, by specification. Whether from mechanical drawings, abstract conception, or a drawing on a napkin, Doc can get your proof of concept quickly. He can execute your job within tight schedules and with the highest quality you deserve.

Custom Designed

From stand-alone, semi-automatic, operator-fed workstation for single or multiple seats, to full automation systems for seals and other small assembly components, to seal-assembly stations with transition tooling integrated with your product system, we have the solution for you!